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A new approach

With Off the Vine Productions, there is less money spent on a lounge office and more on your new campaign.

We offer all the services necessary for marketing and advertising your

product or company and create the complete package for taking you to the next level.

We specialize in all areas of advertising.

We're here to make you succeed.

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Our Showreel

I don't just want you to take our word for it.

Play our showreel to the right and see for yourself.

We do a lot different types of advertising, but video is definitely one of the more interactive and emotive forms. Click play and see what we're talking about.

video production


Video Production is our forte. We've been specializing in creating amazing video for 20 years now. From 4k cameras to powered gimbals, 2 mile drones to expert after effects, we've mastered it all.

We love doing the adventurous, the crazy, the informative, and the humorous videos. Let's start your video project today.

audio productions


We've been in the music business for longer than we can remember. Before doing any advertising work, we started out as musicians playing in bands, traveling the world, and writing/producing music. Now we love doing that for others.


Graphic Design is the foundation of our work. To make any social media campaign, any website, or even additions to video projects, creating professional graphics is essential. We started out with graphic design and use it everyday. We can create anything your business needs to succeed.

radio production


Radio has such a strong reach and potential for marketing success. Off the Vine has been making voice-overs, jingles, and creative radio ads for years. Get your story heard in your area and get on the radio now. We'd love to help you do it.

website design


Nowadays, everyone needs a website. The struggle is, how do you make your website stick out from the rest? That's where we come in. We want to take your business to the next level with an incredible and appealing website design. Hand in hand with talented graphic designers, we're one of the best around.

social media


Social Media is a beast that can only be tamed by staying in the fight and feeling out it's trends. We've enjoyed the battle of keeping up with today's methods and demographics and mastering it's direction. Off the Vine takes your campaigns to another level with targeted advertising, showing your brand to the right people.



Owner/Creative Director

The main cheese himself. Ian has been owning and operating Off the Vine Productions for over 20 years. He started the business and has been the main power-house for a long time running. Ian does it all from music production, cinematography, graphic design, web design, and can play just about any instrument on this blue planet. Ian's passion is for inventing creative new ways to do advertising and business. He sets the bar high for all creatives.


Production Manager

You're looking at easily the coolest guy at OtVP. Introducing Austin, the hat-wearing, spikeball-playing drummer who coordinates the logistics of every shoot we've ever put on. Austin loves tackling the hard organization of arranging client's needs and strategizing the best way to succeed. He is always moving moving, always tapping to the beat, and clicking away for all our social media accounts. If he's not in your local hipster coffee shop you'll find Austin in the park wrestling with his dog Phil.

Drop us a line or give us a call and find out

how we can help you achieve your goals.

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Off the Vine Productions is

a full service agency with in-house production capabilities that will allow you to go in any direction, with confidence!


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