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Music Videos


This was a project we recently wrote, produced and put together for our Encounter Tribe. We shot the video locally on a cold Saturday morning overlooking Emmett, Idaho.


This video we made for our own Austin, showing the different looks that can be achieved and shot entirely in Boise, Idaho.


A new, young artist (she's only 11 yrs old!) that we produced a couple of songs for. We shot the video in our studio in one evening. Hope you like it!


A young and upcoming artist from Idaho, we produced this song at our studio with Sarah Ahmor. We then shot the video around various parts of Idaho. This is a fun video because it showcases the art of overlaying images and the effective use of multiple skills. We shot the video, produced/edited/mixed/mastered the song, and put it all together.


We were approached by the trio group Tribelle about shooting a series of music videos for their new image. This video give visuals to the beautiful and perfect music arranged by the group themselves. Very technical and classically impressive, this video is enjoyable to watch and to shoot. Love the process of creating media like this.

There's no better way to step up your game
than with a new music video.
Contact us and get the ball rolling.
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