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Marketing is about getting your message heard. Sometimes, your message is best explained from a sarcastic man in a furry dog outfit. Creating content that pops and gets the viral juices pumping is what we aim to achieve. 


Lysi Bishop Real Estate is one of the most successful real estate companies in the area, and they approached us to create a web based video for them, showing their advantages over other real estate companies in the area. We build the whole video out of interviews we had with clients and employees of the company.



Bustin' is an incredible nonprofit the benefits women with many types of cancer in Idaho. We helped capture the emotion and trials that these women face in their journey and showed why this is more than a worthy cause.


We produced this ad for a furniture store in Oregon and ended up reselling this ad to other regional furniture stores. This is a complete change from the usual show and tell ideas that furniture stores normally default to.


Impact Radio Group approached us about producing a marketing campaign for one of their top 40 stations. With a female demo, we wrote 2 spots, writing the tag, "Bring a little Music back in Your Day" and used the idea of lip-sync conversations, because the radio station already had the license to use copyright material on TV and the web. People resonated with the song conversation idea and the campaign has been a roaring success.


We produced this TV ad for the Idaho Lottery, shooting in Pocatello, Idaho. This video is about the Wilcox Elementary School and how the Idaho Lottery donates to the Capital Improvement Funds. Timelapse, a lot of pre-production, and patience made this video happen.


It certainly makes it easy when your client's have a beautiful shop to shoot in. Portsche's Fine Jewelry in downtown Boise is not only elegant but boasts some of the best customer service in town for jewelry. Taking that footage and creating something trendy and imaginative was the challenge that we graciously accepted. 


The service that many businesses offer are not always easily explained and straight-forward. You need good content to fully iterate all that your business has to offer and nothing does that better than an informative video. Mix in a little creativity with the magic of television and you have something truly magnicent. 


This demo we produced was an exercise in creating an ad without having the product built! By talking about the emotive side, rather than the product's extensive details, we created an ad that is very effective! Not all advertising needs to be straight-forward lists of sales & information. In fact, the more creative the marketing, the better results are made from the ad. It's all about conveying the message that will stick with your audience. 


We went to Michigan to produce this corporate piece. We shot in the Production facility and using a drone. The emotional connection was "our family helping families across the US." Our favorite part about these kinds of projects are having the opportunity to tell a story. This story strikes home.


We wrote the concept of "Sounds so good, you'll never take it off" and produced a series of web based ads. We like to have fun when we shoot and these "Pulse" ads were certainly fun. More than creating just a video, it's about concepting the idea and producing something new, impressionable, and refreshing.


The Upgrade is an online service for couples that may need a little pick me up in their relationship. We had a lot of fun creating a web video for their campaign to bring in new clientele and grow their business. Watch this funny viral video and see the fun projects we can create. We shot, edited, wrote, and produced this video.


A couple months ago, we had the opportunity to do a series of videos for a Body Reunion. The art of telling people's stories through creative media is an engaging one, and we feel like we captured her story well in this short video. See her story and progress through using an excellent service like Body Reunion.

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